When we were created and sent out into the material universe, our Source reminded us that we had free will and the power to create anything we wanted. We were also reminded of the responsibility and accountability that went along with those awesome gifts. Few would argue with the balance and fairness of that divine love and wisdom. 

In spite of these newfound freedoms, God knew that within the divine plan some of us would drift and temporarily lose our way during our cosmic adventures. Because of this, there had to be a fair process in place throughout the universe that would guide such souls back to their original God-centeredness way of being. And, in the process, help them remember who they really. That process is the life-death-life-karma cycle or reincarnation. We are in that cycle.

The cycle is based upon five very important principles. One, God will never interfere with our choices. Two, since we are loved unconditionally, God never judges or punishes us. Three, guidance would always be available in the form of universal truths. Four, we alone would be responsible for working our way out of any karma we created for ourselves. And, five, God would always help if we ask.

How does it all work? We currently find ourselves in a reality or place of reduced vibration; the 3rd dimension of planet Earth. Here our spirits are part of a physical body that feels so real we feel we are nothing more than our body. How did we get here? How did we forget our true cosmic heritage? How did we forget who we really are? 

Ages and ages ago, we came to this planet with a mission to become the bridge between Spirit and matter. In the process of bringing Heaven to Earth, it would become a more sacred place in the universe. Unfortunately, we over-identified with the pleasures that the material world had to offer and, over time, lost remembrance of who we really are and why we came here. 

Eventually our spirit body vibrations reached such a low level of resonance that we entered into the cycle of reincarnation. We have been going around in that cycle for a very long time and have lived many, many lives in the process. While doing so, there have been countless opportunities to heal all of the lesser choices we've made based upon fear and ego, both of which heavily influence 3-dimensional existence. 

We will have as many lives and opportunities as we like until we choose, through free will, to heal all we have undone through unconditional love and forgiveness. In the process, our ego and our fears will diminish and be cleansed and released. Then, our vibrations will increase and we will eventually be free of the cycle and life-death-karma that keeps us attached to the 3-dimensional plane.

The karmic cycle implies that we have lived many, many lives. Today there is a fair amount of evidence to support the notion the past life memories are a very important part of that collective experience. During those lives, we have accomplished some good things, but we have also accumulated some less than desirable debts and addictions that keep us stuck here. I refer to those negative experiences that are still left unresolved as "past life baggage."

During our stay in Earth heaven, we have the opportunity to review all of our past lives and the choices we have made that affected others in a positive or negative way. With the ever-present help of our guides, we then have the opportunity to decide what it is we want to accomplish during our next lifetime. Those choices are always based upon free will and we alone make the final decisions as to what we want to do or don't want to do. 

Our choices will determine our lovers, parents, siblings, friends, place of birth, life challenges, personality traits and so on. When we incarnate, we forget these things so that we can go through Earth- life making choices based upon free will. However, the people, events and circumstances in our lives are no accident. 

Some of the toughest challenges we'll need to face are forgiveness and addictions. During our past lives, ego has dictated many of our choices and I'm sure all of us have created instances in which we were either hurt by someone or we hurt someone. Either way, those experiences, that baggage, must be healed with unconditional love and forgiveness. If not, we will have to keep repeating those same dramas and life situations with the same people until all is healed and balanced in love.

Addictions are another major form of past life baggage. Alcohol, smoking, overeating, compulsive sexual cravings, hunger for power, drugs, money, and many other forms of imbalance can be brought forward during any given lifetime so that we can experience and heal them. Addictions can be a truly insidious source of anguish for those who find themselves obsessed by certain impulses and hungers, while at the same time wanting to end them once and for all. And it may take several or many lifetimes to finally rid oneself of the ravages of a powerful addiction.

One of the most powerful insights I've come across to help understand the divine wisdom behind the reincarnational cycle came from, Conversations with God, Book 1. In that book, God says that in order for us to remember who we are, and free ourselves from being stuck in the physical world, we will have to experience all things while in body. And that requires many lives to achieve. 

I want to emphasize "all things." That means we will be king, beggar, healthy, sick, addicted, prostitute, mother, father, lover, liar, thief, warrior, peace maker, priest, Buddhist, white, yellow, black, and on and on. All of it. 

Why? Because, in the process of being all, we will have to experience all things. And each experience will foster more and more  understanding, compassion, love and forgiveness in us. For example, how could we have unconditional love and understanding for someone who has an imbalance with alcohol, sex or drugs unless we ourselves went thorough the same experience? In the process, we not only end up loving them, but ourselves  as well.

If you find yourself struggling with an imbalance, an addiction or a challenging circumstance in life, please be gentle with yourself. It's something you have carried over from a previous life or lives. Recognize it as part of God's divine wisdom and plan for you, for all of us. And don't let it get you down. Love yourself unconditionally in spite of it and always remember that you came here to experience humanness is all its different ways so that you can reach a state of balance and oneness at your own pace.   

Also realize that many souls don't have the courage to take on these kinds of healing challenges when in body. They aren't easy. I've had mine. And I understand more because of them. It's all part of the path to true freedom. 

Above all, recognize that there is no right and wrong, no judgments and no punishments in God's plan for us. We are loved unconditionally. If you want help, just thank God for bringing it to you and it will happen. The key is trusting and accepting what comes. 

Always remember that we live in a world of duality where there is an opposite for all things. And that includes those place we visit while in darkness and those we seek in the Light. Both were made to explore and experience so that we can find the way back to our Source. Keep in mind that there is divine perfection in both. How could we choose the Light unless we experienced the darkness and realized it was not the highest choice we can make? 

Over time dark choices become valuable reference points for us, as we walk the path Home and leave our "baggage" behind. God created both. And regardless of which path we choose to walk, we are loved equally and unconditionally. 

So bless all the choices you have made, in all of your lives, and love yourself for having done so. It's not easy being in body, but it will serve your inner journey well.

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