Aeons and aeons ago, as a family of souls, we journeyed from the stars to planet Earth. At that time we were free, God-centered spirits, joined together by our divine cosmic heritage. And we had a plan. That plan was to establish a sacred expression of God's presence here in the 3-dimensional world of planet Earth. We were to be a bridge between Spirit and matter and bring heaven to Earth. 

With the passage of time, some of us over identified with the physical world and its material pleasures. Gradually, we lost our spiritual awareness and the desire to remain God-centered Beings of Light. 

The memory of our cosmic heritage blurred as everyday existence became rooted in our fears for safety, survival and the needs of the ego. It was this fear that diminished the vibration of our spirit bodies. Eventually, all remembrance of who we really are was lost. All that remained was the urge to struggle and strive in the physical world. And, because of it, we became ego-driven and intensely self-centered. 

Today, many human souls still remain stuck in the 3-dimensional drama that has been going on for untold ages. We have experienced many lives during that time. Each of those lives presented us with an opportunity to release ourselves from the grip of ego and fear so that we might free ourselves by embracing a way love, as it was before the Fall. 

The cycle of life-death-life-karma has impacted each of us in different ways, depending upon the choices we've made during those past lives. This cycle, called the Great Wheel of Life, is our cosmic ticket out of here. It is our journey to freedom.  

The journey to freedom is a universal process that our Creator put in place for all beings who have lost their God-centeredness. Why? Because it puts us in a position where we have to take responsibility for our choices. And all of the lesser choices we've made must be healed with unconditional love and forgiveness before we can be free again.

Over the ages, through a combination of karma, reincarnation and past lives, each of us has had many opportunities to gradually reclaim the memory of who we really are. As a result, some of us have achieved varying degrees of renewed spiritual awareness, while others have yet to do so. 

Something wonderful is taking place on planet Earth these days and it is happening on an unprecedented scale. Over the past 40 years or so a massive wave of spiritual knowledge, wisdom and insight has swept over us. It seems to have magically appeared out of the universe, as if some cosmic Force waved its hand over the planet and said, "My dearest children, here are My universal teachings that you have forgotten. For those of you who are ready to receive them, they will help awaken your true spiritual nature." 

Those who have opened their hearts to this cosmic wisdom are undergoing the experience of transformation. It is not an easy process because it asks us to weed out and release the ego-fear-based conditioning we have been exposed to through the ages, which has contaminated us with so many ego-based, false beliefs. These false beliefs have kept us trapped in the 3-dimensional vibrations of this planet for a long, long time. If we want to be free, we must sever the bonds of these fear-based attachments. For many, that won't be easy.

Never before in mankind's history on this planet has there been an opportunity to become as free as there is today. Not many will choose this path. Why? Because they will be asked to replace their source of material comforts, pleasures and physical attachments with the security of being one with God. 

Think about it, what gives most people their comfort and security today? It's their jobs, salary, money, bank accounts, stock portfolios, homes, cars, savings, pension funds, social security, and so on. 

Let there be no doubt about it, money, and all the pleasures it can bring, has become our god, and we have become deeply attached to and dependent on it. That is what we find ourselves stuck to these days. And, at the root of that "stuckness," is ego and fear. All of it keeps us from experiencing the freedom we once knew while roaming the stars as God-centered Beings of Light.   

What is real freedom? From all of the reading I have done, and based upon my own experience, true freedom comes from severing the compulsive attachments we have developed over the ages to those material things and belief systems in the physical world that provide us with a false sense of security, comfort and pleasure. 

We need to undo the control ego and fear have over our minds and replace it with a path that is guided by the heart and a powerful, full-time connection to the divine. Our focus must shift away from the false beliefs we have been programmed with, while at the same time we must plug into the universal truths that will lead us back to God-centeredness.  

In Book 2 of, Conversations with God, by Neale Donald Walsch, there is a section that begins on page 221 and ends on page 222. It's about the exploitation of the poor by the rich. It is also about our our attachment to money, greed and the self-gratification that comes from it. At the end of the explanation God leaves us with a very powerful message and reminder...

"Yet it is written:

if thou wilt be perfect,
go and sell what thou hast. and give to the poor,
and thou shalt have treasure in heaven
But when the young man heard this, he went away,
for he had great possessions."

At one point in my life I also had a fair number of possessions and a pretty secure life. Like so many others, my mind was conditioned with all the systems of belief that keep us stuck in the physical world. I was not only influenced by the American dream and the dogmas of organized religion, but by past life memories brought forth to this lifetime. 

All of it combined to structure a way of life for me that was built upon survival and comforts in the material world. However, all of it ended abruptly when a series of crises  entered my world unexpectedly. Suddenly, my life took a radical turn in a direction that was quite unexpected. In the process, I achieved freedom, real freedom. Here are some things to consider that brought me to that realization...

I've lost everything I worked for all my life.

My old belief systems have been replaced with universal truths.     

My sister gave me a New Age/Spiritual book that began a very profound awakening process experience.

I am no longer influenced by religious dogmas of fear.

My old self has died and a new me has been born.

I have gone through a quite a bit of ego death.

I have gone through a profound spiritual transformation.

I find that I have relinquished my ties to a life style and a conventional wisdom that kept me stuck to the physical world. They no longer hold any importance for me.

I find that I have distanced myself from every connection that, at one time or another, gave my life definition and structure.

Every once in a while there is a slight twinge of nostalgia for my old way of life, but it has given way to a profound cleansing process that has rearranged my inner world.

I've left behind my stake in the material world in order to follow a path that is decidedly spiritual in focus.

It is no longer possible for me to continue living as I once did.

There has been a radical turnabout in my approach to life and living.

Material things have no value to me any more.

I realize that the profound, spiritual transformation I've experienced has truly left me in an interesting place. It's as though I now live in two separate realities, which co-exist side by side in my everyday world.

I am still able to sense and understand the 3-dimensional reality whose energies, truths and belief systems are now different than mine, because my "old self" occupied that very same space not too long ago.

The other reality I'm aware of, the 4th dimension, is a new place my consciousness and I have shifted and expanded into, one that has a decidedly different energy, vibration and belief system that is far more spiritual than material.

Today 3-dimensional reality feels foreign to me. And yet I appreciate and bless the important role it played in my ongoing spiritual growth and inner journey. At the same time I am also acutely aware of my new space, and can sense both realities simultaneously.

I also realize that those individuals who continue to be limited by 3-dimensional reality can easily identify with and sense their space and belief system, but not the new one I've shifted into. 

I'm not alone on this one. I know other spiritually transformed people who can simultaneously sense and understand these two realities just as I do.

Most of the time I am God-centered and live in the moment with Spirit, who guides all that I do. I am constantly trying to improve on this. 

Whatever comes into my life these days, be it abundance, a new path to follow and so on is totally co-created with my Source. I simply go where Spirit takes me.

I have become fully aware that my focus and my whole sense of identity has shifted. And that many who know me view my role in the world differently.

I find I can only share my soul thoughts and feelings with those of a similar mindset and vibration.

It is no longer possible for me to follow a path and way of life defined by old, cultural conditionings.

As a result of my inner purging and the coming into spiritual awareness, I no longer fear death because I know I cannot die.

No longer do I strive for individual gain or distinction, all of which are ego-based needs.

In spite of all the radical changes that have happened to my life and myself, I trust the process of inner change I've experienced.

I seems I have risen above the circumstances that are going on in the physical world and for the first time I can see what is happening.

I now realize that the spiritual evolution of the soul is a fact, that I am not the same being I was 15 years ago and won't be the same 15 years from now.

Because of my inner transformation, I have experienced doubts, depression, rootlessness, bliss, amazement, tears, gratitude, physical hardship and so many other emotions, as I undergo cleansing and transformation. It's not easy, but I try to accept all of it as part of the process.

I now realize and am very grateful for every situation I find myself in because each is filled with divine perfection and each has a cosmic purpose and meaning. Even if I don't recognize it at the time.

I am no longer concerned about financial security. I trust the guidance of my highest Self and depend upon God for all.

I feel as if I have undergone a sudden, drastic and thorough annihilation of my being, during which I often questioned my own sanity. I now realize that all of it resulted in a giant leap in consciousness and spiritual awareness.

I have tried to sever all connections to those things which drain my energy, without judging their source.

I also fully trust the notion that as I am cleaned out, and as I realign with the divine purpose for which I volunteered this lifetime, my new path will be made clear.

All of the above, and more, have helped me re-establish a long-forgotten connection and bond of trust with my Source. I try my best to stay in the moment, live a simple life and let Spirit lead the way for me. 

I'm not perfect in that effort. There is some backsliding from time to time, but I keep trying. I constantly remind myself that God and the spirit world are always sending me guidance and that I must listen for and trust that sacred help, even though it might be counter to my expectations at times. 

I also try to have faith in and accept whatever God brings into my life. It's not easy, but All That Is is my total security these days. Living this way in my God-Spot, severing one's needs and attachments to the material world, and totally depending on God for all, is truly the path to a freedom we have long forgotten.

I wish this kind of freedom for all of my cosmic sisters and brothers. 


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