All of our pain and suffering began when we separated from God-centeredness. When did that happen? It occurred when we came to planet Earth eons ago and decided to experience 3-dimensional, physical existence.

How did it all start? As enlightened, angelic spirits we knew there was a serious risk in slowing our vibrations down in order to materialize as physical bodies on this planet. We knew we were here to appreciate physical reality, but not get caught up in its ways and pleasures. We were also trying to bring a sense of the divine and sacredness to this plane of existence.  

Over time, we became more and more infatuated with life in a physical form and drifted further and further from our Source. As that happened, the influence of our egos dramatically increased and we began to focus more on gratifying our individual selves. 

This ego-driven behavior then led to self-centeredness, which in turn led to selfishness and greed. In the process, we also lost our sacred connection with one another as a family of souls. This dual separation, from God and from ourselves, is responsible for all the problems we face on planet Earth and for our pain and suffering.

Because of our self-centered choices, we have passed through many reincarnational life-death cycles over the ages. These cycles are helping us remember who we really are. 

Every time we take for selfish reasons rather than give, pain and suffering occur. By being selfish we accumulate negative karma. This causes eventual pain and suffering through the universal law of cause and effect: What we put out always comes back to us whether it be in this or some future life. 

The only way to stop this pain is to end our selfish ways and to heal our negative karma. How do we start this process? By being unselfish, unconditional love each moment of our lives, by giving without any expectation for receiving and by being humble, compassionate, forgiving, harmless and caring.

Is there more we can do to solve this dilemma? Will it bring us the inner peace that is missing in our lives?  

The solution has to begin by reversing the process that got us stuck and attached to this physical world in the first place. We have to start by releasing the influence of the separate self or ego so that it plays less and less of a role in dictating the choices in our lives. But don't fight the ego. It gains strength from the energy you use to resist it.

How do we release the ego's influence?

The separate self, the ego, has constructed an infrastructure of false beliefs in our minds over the ages. When we focus our conscious mind-energy on those beliefs, they become a way of life for us. We often find ourselves seeking material gratification and pleasures because of it. It evolves into a "I want, I come first, I am separate" way of thinking. That has to end. The ego will fight this change in ways you can't imagine. But you can prevail.

One begins to release the influence of the ego by being a loving person, putting others before yourself, loving others, being considerate of others and giving to others first. In other words, the focus is no longer on self, but on serving others. 

Being unselfish threatens the separate self by destroying its false belief system and yours as well. And that will also cause pain and suffering. Giving up a self-centered way of life that focuses on constant gratification is not easy. 

There will be many ego tantrums along the way as the separate self fights for its survival and influence, because of your desire to be unselfish and God-centered. It simply does not want to give up its control over you. And the closer one gets to diminishing the influence of the separate self through a commitment to unselfish love, the more pain one will experience. However, what cures the pain is the healing that comes from an unselfish, giving way of life.  

All pain and suffering will end when we reach enlightenment like the Masters have. When that happens, we will no longer be driven by fear as we have been for ages. We can begin this process any time during this life or next. Sooner or later we'll say "enough pain and suffering already" and begin the  journey of remembering and being who we really are.


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