A Child And His Angel



A child, just the day before his birth, sees God and asks...

Q - Lord, I am going to the Earth and I do not know what I
      will do there...
A - I have created an Angel for you and she would take
      care of you.

Q - Lord, I do not know their language. How will I
      communicate with them?
A - With the aid of the Angel of yours... She would
       patiently teach their language to you.

Q - As I have heard, there were too much wickedness and
       evil down there. I do not know how to cope with them!
A - The Angel of yours would protect you to the expense of
       her own life.

Q - And Father... how will I return to you?
A - She would explain...

As the time comes and the Angels take the child, escorting to
the Earth, he asks again...

Q - Hey! What's her name? What's the name of my Angel??
A - Do not bother with that... You will call her "mom"...



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